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Measurements and More

All shutters and sunbursts are custom made within our manufacturing facility with the finest woods available. We offer personal assistance in attaining the proper measurement of your windows or doors. With measurements in hand we custom manufacturer your shutters with quality craftsmanship. All panels have mortise and tenon joints for increased durability and are waterproof sealed and reinforced with recessed screws. Our signature rodless design provides a smooth adjustable tilting action of the louvers which are available in 3-1/2", and 4-1/2" widths.

Custom Made To Measurements
Various Sunburst Styles Available

W = 36" H = 72"
Measurement Formula:
W" X H" = Square Inches
Square Inches / 144 = Square Feet

36" X 72" = 2592"
2592" / 144" = 18'
Window Frame Area = 18 sq. ft.

You may obtain the shutter size specifications necessary for an estimate by measuring the inside height and width of the door or window frame in inches. These two numbers should be multiplied together, and then divided by 144 to attain the total square footage of the window frame. Sunburst specifications are designated by the width of the arch's base.

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